Kusen Smart Scent Air Machine

Kusen Smart Scent Air Machine

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Kusen Smart Scent Air Machine for Home, Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser 100ML with Nebulizing Diffusion System, Cover Up to 450 Sq.Ft, Scent Diffuser for Essential Oil for Large Room, Office, Home.

Product Advantages:

✔️Our Nano Scale Atomization Technology enables the highest-quality, luxury fragrance oil micro-droplets to travel throughout your home. Its wide range of applications makes it suitable for commercial and residential use.

✔️Its stylish design blends perfectly with your décor and creates an aromatic paradise at home, the office, spa, massage or physical therapy studio.  

✔️Create schedules that fit your lifestyle. The working time and intensity can be easily adjusted through by your phone app.

✔️The programmable odor neutralizing dispenser can be mounted to your preferring height with screws provided, 7-9 feet above the floor; or you can just put the metered dispenser standing on your bedroom desk, office table, etc.


Usage: Tabletop wall mounted, stand alone

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